The homecoming of Nicole Bonython-Hines

She’s the stylist’s stylist, having created some amazing magazine editorials, fashion campaigns and individual looks for names like Naomi Campbell, Nicole Ritchie and even INXS and Kylie Minogue back in the day. It’s safe to say that Nicole Bonython-Hines has had an incredible career and this year, she returns to Adelaide to lend her expertise at the 2017 Adelaide Fashion Festival presented by Mercedes-Benz Adelaide. We catch up with the incredible woman herself while she was in town for #AFF17 model castings to chat about how it feels to come home and SS18 trends.

 You’ve worked at and with Vogue Australia in the past, how do you feel that they’re lending their name and supporting the Adelaide Fashion Festival?

Gosh, it was my first job and I loved it there. I think it’s great that they’re involved. It adds a bit more gravitas to the event and it’s great that they’re giving their seal of approval.

 You’ll be styling the David Jones Australian Showcase, and they have a lot of exciting brands – what do you think are some of the most exciting homegrown brands of the moment?

There are so many fantastic brands and they’re doing so well, and no just here but overseas as well. Christopher Esber, Kym Ellery, Romance was Born – all those guys are on the international agenda and do well whether they show overseas or at home. David Jones itself has great Australian brands and amazing international brands as well. They’ve got everybody! Bianca [Spender], Carla [Zampatti], Lee Matthews, Scanlan Theodore, Ginger & Smart, and Bassike, of course.

I’ll be pulling from what they’ve bought and they’ve got such a diverse portfolio of brands. If you want to see as many Australian brands as possible, you’d definitely go to David Jones.

 The festival will be during the spring/summer season and on the cusp of Resort here in Australia, what are the trends we should be looking out for this season? What are classic ones that we can carry over from past seasons?

Lots of upper body details, I think. Big sleeves, off the shoulder, ruched details. As for colour, there’s been such a gamut of colours recently. I think pink is the colour this season and I quite like pink and red together. Florals, of course, think romantic and ruch and details like big buttons and textural type things.

 You’re often referred to as the stylist’s stylist and have an extensive career in the fashion industry, are there any tips for aspiring stylists on how to kick start and maintain and career in fashion?

I’ve had loads of interns over the years and the ones that make it beyond interning are the ones that are so passionate and so interested, and will do whatever it takes. It’s not an easy industry to get into anymore, so the ones that are prepared to spend a lot of time prepping a job and not complain are the ones that last. You’ve got to earn your medals by working hard and prove yourself. The ones who go the extra mile, who put their own spin on things [and] someone who has initiative to contribute ideas alongside the ones I come up with. It comes down to tenacity and being interested in the world, not just fashion. It’s about everything else – music, art, light and mood. It’s 10 per cent talent and 90 per cent hard work and organisation.

You’re originally from South Australia, does it still feel like home when you come back? And where are some of your favourite places to go?

Yeah, it definitely does. The last few times I’ve been back, I’ve stayed in the city and it’s changed so much – there are so many great cafes and shops now! It’s got a much more cosmopolitan feel to it. I’m still going to the markets though – the poached eggs on toast at Lucia’s is still the best.

Nicole is styling Runway 4 – Vogue Festival presents the David Jones Australian Showcase on Friday, 13 October at 8.00pm. Tickets are available here.

Photo by Meaghan Coles
Photo by Meaghan Coles