Happy Maple: Popping Up at the Central Market


The Adelaide Central Market has rolled out a new initiative, the Producer in Residence stall, which celebrates artisan producers and gives them an opportunity to put the fruits of their labour to the test in a market context.

With a new producer setting up shop every fortnight, the ever-evolving space is the perfect way to drum up a bit of excitement, which can only add to the market vibe we know and love.

The newest producer in residence is the boldly branded Happy Maple, who specialise in baked, not deep-fried, donuts with a healthy edge. The Happy Maple crew are famous for their vegan and gluten free donuts that incorporate only the best wholesome plant-based ingredients. And with different varieties available every day, like Choc Mintie, Lamington + Hot Chocolate and Blueberry Pie, what’s not to love?

The Happy Maple way of doing things is all about keeping it real and keeping it natural, so it’s the perfect way to indulge without actually indulging, and to support local business while you’re at it.

It goes without saying that you donut want to miss this.

Happy-Maple Adelaide Central Markets
via @adelcentralmarket
Happy-Maple Adelaide Central Markets
via @fourmelons
Happy-Maple Adelaide Central Markets
via @katschultz
Happy-Maple Adelaide Central Markets
via @happymaple_

Happy Maple will be at the Adelaide Central Market ‘til Saturday, 20 August at the Producer in Residence stall just off Grote St.

Opening hours: Tue: 7am–5.30pm / Wed: 9am–3pm / Thu: 9am–5.30pm / Fri: 7am–9pm / Sat: 7am–3pm





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