Haçienda: What You Need To Know

Adelaide is welcoming yet another new bar, come nightclub, this weekend with the launch of Haçienda on Synagogue Place in the city’s East End.

We were given an exclusive sneak peek inside during the week to make sure you know everything you will need to know before heading there for opening night this Saturday.

1. First things first, it’s pronounced hah-see-en-dah – Haçienda may look confusing at first but we’ve already got it down pat! It also is Spanish for house – giving a pretty good indication for the vibes of the place.

2. It’s practically a nightclub and small bar all under one roof.

3. It’s pretty hard to miss, but don’t forget to look up to see the 2 metre wide disco ball hanging over the dance floor – unsurprisingly it’s the biggest in SA.

4. You’ll spot DJs Ryley and Evo playing remix tracks from inside a cage – yes, another thing you’ll need to see to believe!

5. Be on the look out for the secret room hidden in the bar, a cheeky space where you can kiss but never tell!

6. Renowned designer Michael Delaney has designed the interior – you may have heard of his other interstate spots such as Honkytonks, Third Class, Sorry Grandma and The Bottom End.

7. On the drinks list expect many Spanish flavours and plenty of options for tequila lovers!

8. Looking for a different scene playing pure pop? Just head next door to their neighbour Mary’s Poppin.

9. Yes, it’s inside the old Apple, but we’ve been told the dance floor is nothing reminiscent of previous incarnations of the space.

Haçienda: What You Need To Know

Photography by Matthew Kroker




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