GTM Hair Inspo

Groovin The Moo is just around the corner as it hits Oakbank next Monday, 25th April and braids are back! Give our Festival Braids look with evo hair & MABEhair a go by watching our how-to video above or opt for our other suggestions below.

With the warmer weather, you won’t need to rug up as much, and you can release your inner Coachella vibes! Now you can go wild and release your inner diva through your hair too.

We’ve brought you our top hair trends which you need for Groovin The Moo 2016.

Half Up Half Down Bun
This is a really popular and super easy hairstyle to accomplish! Simply grab half of your hair from the top, and make a messy bun at the top of your head. Pull some strands out to give it that festival look, and you can even add some ribbon or beads to give you that Coachella vibes.

Miley Space Buns
Remember our home-gurl Miley Cyrus performing ‘We Can’t Stop’ with Robin Thicke at the 2013 MTV Video Music Awards? How could you not! Well her hair caused shock waves through pop culture, and today people are still rocking her look, particularly at festivals. Part your hair down the middle and create two high pony tails. Then wrap your locks around your hair band and secure with hundreds of bobby pins! To give it that extra kick, add some glitter to the middle of your part.

Space Buns Half Up Half Down
This is a great look for any festival, as not only does it channel your inner Ariana Grande, but adds an extra bohemian look as well. Really easy to accomplish, just grab half of your hair like you would to create the Half Up Half Down Bun, but separate it into two buns instead of one. Make sure they are high on your head so they don’t full down when you’re head-banging in the middle of a set! Bobby pins and hairspray are your friends.

Dutch Braids
Perfect for any outfit, the Dutch Braids are a ‘go-to’ when you’re at a camping festival, have an untamed mane, or just really couldn’t be stuffed dealing with it during the day. Simply part your hair down the middle of your head, and grab three starting strands at the front of your forehead. Start plaiting as you would a normal plait, then grabbing more hair and adding it to each outlying bunch as you go. The trick with the Dutch Braids is to braid under, not over! This is how the plait stands out on your head, not under. Repeat on other side.

Dutch braids Half Up Half Down
Now if you want to pull the Dutch Braid look but also want to have your luscious locks falling around you as you dance, then this is the perfect style for you! Part your hair in the middle, and begin with the three starting strands. Start the braid (remember to braid under not over, and to also gradually add more hair to each outlying strand as go), however make sure you only braid the top section of your hair, and leave the rest down. Complete the braid to the back top of your head and then just finish the braid off with your remaining hair.

Pony Tail
Perfect if you wanna get your hair out of the way, but don’t have time to do it properly. Grab all your hair together in either a high or low pony, and tie it off with your hair tie. An awesome trick is to hide your visible hair tie with some strands of your hair! Just grab a little cluster from underneath your hair tie and wrap it around, then bobby pin. You can also get a little creative and add some braids throughout the pony.

Messy Low Bun
A messy low bun is perfect when you want to wear a hat! Do not comb your hair before, remember, the messier the better! Just tie your hair towards the nape of your neck and create a little messy bun. Pull some strands out near your face to shape your feature, then add your hat and wah-lah! Done!

Don’t forget to rock these looks at GTM next week, and tag us in your Instagram pictures #jointheclique! We want to see these awesome ideas come to life!

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