GoodnessMe Box Collaborates with Adelaide’s Own Leah Itsines

Now more than ever, Australians are incredibly conscious about the products they shop and the food they put into their body. Sometimes it’s not always viable to hit the shops and actually pick out the best ingredients and sometimes it’s an issue of access to fresh and good produce. This is where GoodnessMe Box comes into play – it’s a health food box that brings healthy eating and snacking that’s always natural and GMO-free directly to monthly subscribers’ doorsteps. And for the month of May, they’ve collaborated with Adelaide’s own Leah Itsines.

A subscription with GoodnessMe guarantees a perfectly packed box – no really, it’s super Instagram-able – arriving on your doorstep every month packed with 6-10 nutritious and delicious food ingredients and snacks – which could include anything from coconut oil, gluten free muesli, kale chips and raw chocolate. It’s like a little surprise to start your month off.

“It’s become like a ritual for many of our subscribers – opening the box and instagramming their discovery immediately,” says Peta Shulman, chief visionary and founder of GoodnessMe Box. “Our real pleasure comes from seeing our subscribers getting excited about eating pure and wholesome food. That’s what inspires us each day”

For the upcoming box, Shulman has brought homegrown health and fitness guru, Leah Itsines on board to curate a special box full of her favourite ingredients. It includes: Morlife Superdip Mix, Nuvitaility Apricot, Almond, Chia and Cinnamon Bar, The Chia Co Chia Pods Apple Spice, Nutra Organics Acai Berry Blend, Yerba Mate Peach Tea, Minor Figures Cold Brew Coffee, Happy Way Protein Vanilla and Coffee and Naturally Nood Cheeky Cacao bar.

“Leah has a gift for making simple healthy recipes, with a passion that is nothing short of contagious,” Shulman gushes. “She has shown me that you don’t need to be a whiz bang culinary cook to eat well, simply enjoy the process and don’t over-complicate it.”

GoodnessMe Box was created out of a passion for eating clean, nourishing our bodies body and to get others excited about living well and as Shulman concludes, it shouldn’t have to be hard to do this.

“Healthy eating shouldn’t be hard, or restrictive, and that is exactly why we love everything that Leah is about and decided to share her favourite foods, to guide and inspire you!”

Head to to pre-order your special Leah Itsines curated May box now.


– SIGN UP: to GoodnessMe Box to become a member

– DISCOVER: 6-10 surprise health food goodies delivered to your door every month

– REVIEW: After tasting the products you love, review to earn reward points

– GET REWARDED: Your reward points go towards a bonus product in your next GoodnessMe Box

Sign up for $25 per month or save with a 3 or 6 month subscription ($70, $135 respectively).

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Leah Itsines
GoodnessMe Box founder, Peta Shulman




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