Goodbar, Good Times

In a city where bars are opening up left, right and centre, unique points of difference can be few and far between. That can’t be said for Mr Goodbar, where the headline is 120 cocktails on offer. Built in the archway of Union Street in the East End (and we’re not referring to the archway cavity but actually in the archway!), it looks over Ebenezer Place, making it a prime location for people watching and what’s going on below.

It hasn’t been an easy road for Mr Goodbar, owner Goran Dedic knew immediately upon seeing the space it would be perfect for his vision but that was two years ago. Despite the countless hurdles, opposed neighbours and council roadblocks, it’s finally become reality. From an unassuming doorway on Union Street, the first stop is ground floor; a small bar and a cosy spot that really only fits 10 people. Head upstairs to the long expanse of the main space.

Local designers Studio-Gram showcase their signature sense of sublime design inside a space that previously wasn’t doing anything. Think a smoky, elegant bar drawing inspirations from the roots of blues and soul. Add to that, glowing neon hands in prayer towards the shrine to Saint Amand, the patron saint of wine makers, beer brewers and bartenders. Finally, bills delivered in vintage tobacco tins and you really get the feel of what Mr Goodbar is all about.

General manager Owen Collin of Eau De Vie and Black Pearl fame has gone from West to East, finishing up at Chihuahua Bar to head up Mr Goodbar. With the help of award-winning bartender Michael Knot, the team spent weeks perfecting every cocktail on their 120-strong list. As Michael says, “We approach our drinks with an almost religious, ritualistic pride. Quality and consistency is our in-house motto. No matter the day, time or person that makes your drink it will be the exact same high quality product every single time.”

The standout? Well they’re pretty proud of their Negroni, which is made with three different kinds of Vermouth aimed to produce the perfect balance of bittersweet.

12 Union Street, Adelaide

Photography by Duy Dash




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