Good Physio

The definition of ‘good’ is an interesting paradox. In the health industry, it requires the flexibility of staying up-todate with the latest thinking and upgrading treatment methods accordingly. It also requires the stability of unwavering one-to-one care in an unrushed, caring environment.

With a commitment to both these aspects of ‘good,’ Tristan Chai not only based his clinic’s philosophy on it, he put the name on the door.

Building on experience working with elite athletes, he and his team have honed their skillset in getting people back to their best in the quickest way possible.

Good Physio is the gateway for everybody to be able to access a team of physiotherapists that have a passion for this quality of treatment. Upon arrival at Good Physio it becomes apparent that this is not your typical clinic.

A beautifully designed and finished space is a welcome change from plain and sterile medical rooms – making it an inspiring place to rehabilitate. What follows is a thorough assessment, well thought-out treatment and important conversation about what your goals are and how they’ll help you achieve them. It’s this specific and personalized level of care that has set Good Physio apart from the crowd.

If you are looking for a Good Physio, well… need we say more?

Corner Jetty Road & Rose Street, Glenelg




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