Going Gaga for Moringaga

Move over matcha, step aside turmeric and excuse me açai, there’s a new superfood on the market that is taking the wellness world by storm. Already loved by some of our fave celebs (including health queens Kourtney and Khloe Kardashian), Moringa is the latest and greatest must-have superfood and its hitting our shores already thanks to local Adelaide gal, Mary Chin.

Mary’s quest for the good green stuff was sparked following a trip to Malaysia, where she discovered her mum using Moringa to control joint inflammation. When she was unable to find an Australian supplier of the seemingly miracle product, Mary looked abroad only to find many foreign suppliers add fillers to their powder. Thus, began a quest to bring superfood down under.

Enter Moringaga, Australia’s first Moringa stockist. Sourced sustainably from India’s naturally enriched Western Ghats eco soil, the supplement boasts all of the superfood’s outstanding benefits with no nasty fillers.

While Moringa’s benefits may be on the down low in the western world, the green powder’s magnitude of nutritional benefits has seen it garner major attention on the global wellness stage.


With over 92 nutrients, 46 antioxidants and 18 amino acids, all derived from the same source, Moringa has been used in traditional Ayurvedic medicine for centuries, with seemingly endless results. From boosting stamina (and let’s face it, who couldn’t use a little extra energy) to assisting in muscle recovery and even helping you grow that lush long hair you’ve been dreaming of, the green powder’s health and beauty benefits are the stuff dreams are made of.

Known to improve immunity, Moringaga is the perfect supplement for winter. Add to that its ability to assist in muscle recovery, control blood pressure, detox and reduce inflammation, it’s almost a crime not to treat your body to the green stuff’s impressive benefits.

As for beauty, the supplement’s vitamin packed nature sees it work wonders on skin and hair. With temps plummeting, soothe your skin with Moringa’s naturally high concentrate of vitamin A, E, B3 Niacin and B2 Riboflavin, and Zinc.

Treat your follicles to Moringa’s high iron content, perfect for bringing oxygen to the roots, zinc to stimulate growth, and amino acids for beautiful healthy strands. If you ask us, it seems Moringa is the holy grail winter beauty product we’ve all been searching for.

Mary Chin

Note to self: add Moringaga to our next smoothie ASAP.

Ground into a super versatile powder, Moringaga’s concentrated properties mean you only need to consume half a teaspoon per day to reap its jaw-dropping benefits.

“There are many different ways to use Moringaga. It has a green, earthy flavour, like spinach, with a hint of spice that mixes well into a variety of sweet and savoury foods, or you can drink it as a tea or latte,” says Mary.

Pick up the miracle supplement from Nutrition Republic, Raw & More, Melon & Rye and Kicharee Kitch’n or purchase it online at moringaga.com

moringaga.com | @moringaga

Moringaga Smoothie Bowl




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