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Some things never go out of style and Iris Apfel is one.

Adelaide designer of SIG The Label, Kate Anderson, is inspired by Iris because she knows “how to arrange an outfit but also mix and match different cultures and times.”

Here at CLIQUE Mag we’re hugely fond of this notion.

While a “good pair of jeans, basic white shirt and a great tailored blazer”, are all wardrobe essentials according to Kate, nothing screams enviable swagger quite like a vintage steal that stands the test of time.

Enter… Garage Sale Trail.

Currently in its sixth year, Garage Sale Trail will be hosting their much-loved event on Saturday, 22 October. The not-for-profit event promotes the reuse of pre-loved belongings; and encourages garage sales to be held simultaneously on the one Saturday, so shoppers can follow their own customized trail.

From 10 August online trails will be open, where you can create and plan your trail through search categories such as vintage or fashion sales. This makes it way easier to find that John Farnham ‘Whispering Jack’ concert tee Kate brags about having found at a garage sale once upon a time.

Kate, who’s the fashion ambassador of this year’s event, loves a good garage sale. She says “SIG is a label that is designed to be mixed and matched” and she recommends paring her pieces with vintage items to “suit your personal style”.

Leading into summer, Kate sees the main fashion trends to be layering, Edwardian and lingerie dressing. “It’s all about piling on as many pieces as you can. Layer a dress over a t-shirt and pants and anything else you can think of,” she says.

So finding a pre-loved garment at the garage sale might just be the missing layer to your summer outfit. She says that the lingerie trend can also work well with layering.

“It is totally acceptable to wear lingerie outside of the bedroom … channel your inner Kate Moss.”

She also suggests tackling the Edwardian trend with “ribbons, high necks and long dresses”.

While the Garage Sale Trail will largely feature fashion; homewares, jewellery and other treasures will also be up for grabs! Kate says she is “really into old vintage glasses at the moment”, and is looking to add to her “unusual mix” of glassware at home.

The Garage Sale Trail brings together local communities, all while combating environmental and social issues. It’s a wonderful way to mingle with your community or even make a few bucks on the side!

And remember, in the words of Iris Apfel, “more is more & less is a bore.”

garage sale trail
garage sale trail
garage sale trail




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