Get Crafty With Brick And Mortar Workshops

Our favourite Brick and Mortar is offering some nifty and creative workshops in the weeks to come, for both creative and business minds alike.

Whether it is photography, watercolours or social media strategising, there is a bunch of workshops available for anyone and everyone!

Freehand Ink Lettering
May 14, 15, 21, 22, 28 & 29

Ever wanted to create a hand-made birthday card, or decorate that plain wall in your bedroom? Your prayers have been answered because graphic designer and letterer Doris Chang will provide all the tricks of the trade in this workshop. Through a series of exercises, you will learn how to master creative lettering techniques, and will leave the workshop with your own designs!

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Photography 101: How To Shoot Manual
May 15, 10am–12pm

Don’t know where to start with your DSLR camera? Don’t worry you’re not alone! This two hour workshop is ideal for photography beginners who have their own business or blog. The main topics you will learn about are: ISO, aperture, shutter speed, focus control, exposure, and camera layout. Everything you need to know to get your business up and running!

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Water Colour Illustration
May 14, 15, 21, 22, 28 & 29

Learn simple techniques from artist Doris Chang on how to perfect water colour illustrations. Whether it be an ocean scenery or wattle brush plants, you will master water colours by the end of this workshop and will get to take home your creations.

Book here.

Snapchat & Instagram for Creatives & Small Businesses
July 30, 10am–12pm

Starting up a business and are lacking the skills it takes to operate social media? Look no further as in this workshop you will learn the basics on Snapchat and Instagram, and how to utilise them best for your business. Social media is a powerful tool in today’s society, so why not get accustomed to this powerful platform in a fun and friendly environment?

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Keep your eye out for Brick and Mortar as they are always updating their workshops and who knows what could pop up soon!

Images via Doris Chang, The Photography School & Entrepreneur 




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