Fun and Fitness at Körpermotus Pilates

Pilates studio, Körpermotus, offers Pilates and cardio classes to help improve the functionality of the human body. When you combine the German word for body and the Latin word for movement, you’re left with a unique amalgamation for a studio name.

Located on Unley Road, this boutique studio was born out of desire to share the Pilates method and ideals with as many people as possible. At the age of three, owner Melissa Anderson began dancing and as the physical demands took a toll on her body, she began Pilates to help. After moving to Adelaide to successfully complete a Bachelor of Dance Performance, she took an interest in Bootcamp and CrossFit, as well as attending Pilates.

Körpermotus offers services different from the traditional Pilates experience. Individually programmed and paced clinical Pilates is offered alongside strength-based reformer Pilates, both with a five person per class maximum to ensure clients get the right amount of care and guidance.

Melissa also offers a cardio component in her ‘Motus’ spaces. Motus takes Pilates principles in to the functional fitness realm, she describes it as, “If Pilates and functional fitness had a baby, Motus would be it.” These classes incorporate Pilates, TRX, kettlebells and small equipment to get the blood flowing and boost the heart rate.

The team at Körpermotus pride themselves on offering an equal balance between fun and fitness, while still focussing on the technical aspects. “We want our clients to feel like this is a second home, that the comfort level is high and that the level of trust that is given to us is seen and felt in the results,” says Melissa.

Clients can change their journey throughout their time at the studio whether they’re needing a rehabilitation focus starting with clinical classes, adding low-impact strength work with reformer classes, or opting for a Motus cardio class to apply everything they’ve learnt, Körpermotus is there to support their journey every step of the way.

Level 1, 123 Unley Road, Unley
ph. 0431 735 597
fb. @korpermotuspilates
insta. @korpermotus

Photography by Meaghan Coles
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