FruChoc Hot Chocolate returns in time for winter

Get ready people! CIBO Espresso and Menz FruChocs are reigniting the warm flame with the CIBO Espresso – FruChoc Hot Chocolate.

This delicious Italian style hot chocolate with an infused apricot flavour (drool) of the iconic FruChoc will hit CIBO Espresso this coming Thursday.

“The CIBO Espresso – FruChoc Hot Chocolate was introduced in 2018 to commemorate FruChoc Appreciation Day and we’ve seen demand for its return ever since. We love working in partnership with other local brands, and this flavour combination is bound to be a hit over the colder winter months, particularly as restrictions ease and South Aussies can venture out to enjoy a hot drink from their favourite CIBO café.” says Phil Sims, CEO of Robern Menz

When can we start lining up?





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