It’s 2020, meaning we are bound to have a new brow trend in this decade. Due to my over plucking days, my poor brows are still trying to recover and achieve that Cara Delevingne look. No need to fear though, because Brow Lamination is just in and ready to make your life a whole lot easier.

What is Brow Lamination?

To be honest, the name sounds daunting but weirdly satisfying. Remember when you would laminate your projects in school which helped assist your grade from a C – to an A +? That is the kind of thoughts running through my mind.

Brow Lamination is an eyebrow perming treatment which involves modifying the brow shape by setting the hairs in place using a chemical solution. The process is a two-step process used with a cream which breaks down bonds in the eyebrow hair which help to set them into position.

How regularly should we undergo the treatment?

Depending on your natural brow hair growth cycle, 6-8 weeks is the average time frame to update your treatment.

Should we prepare prior to having the treatment?

Growing out your brows is frustrating and awkward, trust me, I know (recovering from over plucked brows here). However, if you can push through, it is recommended to grow out your brows for at least 3 weeks before your appointment. This will help you achieve the best possible shape.

What are the results like?

Directly after the treatment your brows will look sleek and slightly wet. During the process the brow hairs are brushed to ensure they follow the same direction of hair growth.

Your brows will stay in this position for up to eight weeks and look natural and fluffy. I am definitely sold!

What is the aftercare like?

You’ll need to avoid getting them wet for the first 24 hours after your appointment. Yes, this means no exercise either. After that though, you are free to go crazy and it won’t interrupt the shape of the brow.

See some of the brow salons in Adelaide which specialise in Brow Lamination:

Feather Cosmetic Brow Boutique 

Turn Heads Beauty 

Lashes and Brows By Georgie 

Top Photograph by Brow Queen – Amy Jean 




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