Five Style Lessons We Can Learn From Cartoons

Cartoons are the lifeblood of youth. Yet they’re often overlooked in terms of style. Surely cartoons are where we first pick up any sense of ourselves (barring interactions with our parents). The sorry state of the world is that children as young as six months are now fed Peppa Pig and Dora in order to sedate them. And although the former maybe aren’t where we should be looking to for style (or maybe they are), it does indeed lead me to the point that there are many other fine female babes we could learn a fashion lesson or two from in the world of animation.


Let’s begin with Lisa Simpson. Could we begin a list of influential cartoon characters with a member of any other family? Now I know you’re probably thinking Lisa has one outfit, she wears the same red dress in every episode. Well, you’re right, she rarely changes her attire. But maybe that’s because she knows she’s on to such a good thing. If you nail your outfit the first time, why bother wearing anything else? And although there’s not much to her orange dress, there’s something to be said for keeping it simple. And one of the biggest lessons we learn from Lisa is the art of accessorising. Never is she seen without her pearls. Make something your own. Pick a statement piece of jewellery and wear it till death. “I traded away my pearls. Without them I’m just a big Maggie!”


Next up is Tina from Bob’s Burgers. Now I know the obvious choice to draw inspiration from Bob’s Burgers is Louise. That rabbit eared hat is positively inspired. But if we’re talking everyday steez, then Tina is your gal. Those mid-calf socks, that a-line denim mini. And completed with a plain blue tee and coke bottle specs, this look is pretty much perfect. It follows that whole ’70s vibe that’s been kicking around for a while. Look to Rollas and vintage Levis for denim and American Apparel for socks and tees to make this look your own.


Amy Wong from Futurama epitomises the athleisure look. Is there nothing funkier than a matching pink velour tracksuit? Please refer to Jennifer Lopez in her ‘I’m Real’ film clip for real life inspiration. Colour coordination is paramount to this look, if you can’t procure an entirely matching suit, make sure you at least go tonal. This look also lends itself to extra-large hoop earrings and Adidas three stripe kicks.


Speaking of hoop earrings, Lana Kane from Archer is another super rad chick whose look we should emulate. It happens to be weather appropriate right now too (sort of). She struts around the office in a short, tight sweater dress with large, hoop earrings and takes sass from no one. She often pairs said sweater dress with thigh high black boots (so on trend right now). Also seen rocking a high pony and backpack (well…technically it’s a gun holster), proving to us all that practicality can still be super sexy.


Last but by all means NOT least is Lola Bunny. Lola is straight up cool. You can tell she doesn’t give a damn what other people think and her style is all her own. Who else could rock baggy basketball shorts with such aplomb. And by cropping that jersey she makes it all her own. Her clothes are loose and graphic, perfectly illustrating the ‘street’ trend that’s been prevalent for nigh on five years. Supposedly she and Bugs are dating, but she’s so nonchalant, she keeps him guessing. Although not strictly style advice, let’s learn that lesson from her too.




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