FIT Adelaide: Xtend Barre

Get ready to strengthen, lengthen and stretch the body from top to bottom, from inside out at Xtend Barre. The end result of this workout is a long and lean physique, stronger abs and back muscles, improved endurance and overall energy, increased flexibility, greater body awareness, improved posture, toned arms, sculpted thighs and a lifted derriere – what else could you ask for? With small class sizes, you’re always offered individual attention with lots of verbal and tactile cues from their highly trained instructors, ensuring you see the best results from each and every workout.

Don’t forget that Xtend Barre is for everybody, as no matter what your age or level of physical ability, your instructor will be able to modify or advance the workout within each class to get you working at your best. Prepare to feel the burn and see the difference with Xtend Barre’s ever-changing classes. They don’t just offer barre classes, as they’re affiliated with Southside Clinic, where there’s a team of ten osteopaths who use hands on techniques to reduce pain and restore mobility. Yoga and Pilates are also offered at both studios, so they really are the home for your health, fitness and wellbeing. Xtend Barre’s Andrea Robertson’s summer fitness tip is to buddy up with someone to keep your motivation high! “It’s always more fun to sweat with your favourite barre babe by your side,” Andrea says. Meet you at the barre.

Eastside – 3/443 Magill Rd, St. Morris
Southside – 1 Hughes St, Unley

Photography by Josh Geelen.




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