Fit Adelaide: Precizion Dance

Precizion Dance is all about good vibes and you’ll probably have so much fun that you’ll forget that you’re even working out! Their high-energy classes incorporate stretching, a core workout and cardio-based choreography to provide an all round fitness workout. Precizion specialise in hip hop dance where they teach their students the latest trends in all styles of street and commercial dance – yes, you can learn how to move it like Beyoncé!

You can expect to work hard, be challenged and bang out to all the latest music. Their classes are also designed to help build confidence and new skills as you progress and improve at each class – because practice makes perfect!

Whether you’re taking a recreational, technical or competition class, the Precizion team believe it’s important to love what you are doing and it’s their mission to make you love dance. Precizion Dance director Lauren Pisaniello’s summer fitness tip is to do more of what you enjoy so that fitness doesn’t seem like a chore. “I love walking, yoga and hip hop classes – I find these activities interested me, which makes staying active all year round for summer a lot easier,” Lauren says. We think the New Year is the perfect time to try something new by adding a dance class into your fitness mix.

260 Pultney St, Adelaide (Enterance via Gunson St)

Photography by Josh Geelen




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