Fit Adelaide: Hypoxi North Adelaide

Haven’t heard of HYPOXI? It’s essentially a machine that targets your thighs, waist and bum to lose centimetres and cellulite – yes, this machine really does exist. There are a variety of machines that are designed to target different problem areas, whether it is to banish a man’s middle area or tone a woman’s glutes.

After a body consultation, you get fitted into the appropriate neoprene gear and jump into the machine for a 30-minute, low-impact exercise session. Whether it’s a gentle cycle or jog, you’ll be able to catch up on the latest magazines or your emails while working out. The advanced vacuum and compression technology activates your body’s natural system to burn specific areas – you’ll be working smarter, not harder! HYPOXI targets fat loss by increasing blood activity and circulation to areas of the body that have inadequate blood flow resulting in circumference loss, cellulite reduction and fluid retention.

HYPOXI Studio North Adelaide owner James Russell and assistant Mel says you’ll see optimum results by initially booking in three HYPOXI sessions per week for four weeks in a row. And being appointment based, it’s hard to fall off track as it encourages you to be consistent and follow the nutrition program.

3/88a Melbourne St, North Adelaide

Photography by Josh Geelen & supplied.

Brought to you by HYPOXI Studio North Adelaide.




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