Fashionably Tech

Technology saturates almost every aspect of the modern world, from Smart Watches to Smart Phones. Since the technology revolution entered into new heights in the early 2000s, it is now only fitting that with the adaptation of age old utensils comes a fashionable make over to suit every device on the market.

Fashion and technology stand hand-in-hand with one another. Look at Instagram and the way it galvanised the way fashion is influenced and the way content is delivered to loyal readers and admirers of the industry. Blogging was, for the most part, a mere spot on the spectrum of digital publications only seven years ago.

Now, at any Fashion Week globally or the launch of a new boutique, everyone has a smart phone and are all rapidly snapping away to share to their loyal followers. There are the select few who bring a camera to accompany them for the night, and even a minority with an iPad for photographic purposes. These devices are taken to events like a handbag and a lipstick: necessities that regularly appear throughout the night.

Technology doesn’t need to be dull and monotonous in colour and design. There’s a whole new world out there in tech accessories.

Spy the top picks to make your accessories fashionably tech. 

The Daily Edited Monogram iPhone Case $49.95, available online.

We Are Friends Laya Headphones $219.95, available online.

Marc Jacobs Laptop Case $177.62, available online.

Casetify Apple Watch Band $49, available online.

Binauric Boom Boom Portable Speaker $249, available online.




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