Fashion DIY: Denim Daze

The beauty of denim is that it’s never not cool. While a classic cut jacket will always be a necessity, a DIY denim jacket will take your denim-game next level.

While I’m sure we’ve all lusted over the recent genius that is Alessandro Michele of Gucci, my current financial position simply wont allow for the pinnacle of appliquéd jackets. However, the beauty of style is that regardless of your malnourished wallet, you can still feel like a million bucks with some thrifty thinking.

First of all, you’ll need a dynamite denim number. I personally dig the lighter vintage denim, reminiscent of a classic Levis blue. Luckily, I live for thrifting. As I pull my chosen jacket off the squeaky rack at Savers and stare lovingly into its soul, I daydream about it’s former owner. I’ve decided it would have be one of my friends’ dad who wore this denim jacket to the Elton John concert in 1971. Unlikely, but not entirely impossible.

So now begins the transformation. I’m hoping for something that will make you feel like an off-duty-model in a street-style shot. I have enlisted the help of the unapologetically-bedazzled Cooper Davis, who will show you how to feel Gucci on a budget.

Cooper and I brought together our collection of patches, beads and sparkly things. My favourite treasures were some 90’s looking beads that Coop told me he brought from an estate sale. Morbid, but somehow romantic. Our patches were mostly from eBay and Ali Express, although I wouldn’t rule out any Girl Guide badges or weird op shop brooches.

And now we begin.

1. Firstly we pinned our patches perfectly. Most of our patches were iron on, with the exception of the feature snake that we put on the back for prime positioning.

2. Time to iron! We ironed straight onto the patches with pins in. Don’t be afraid to steam the life out of those patches. Heat that glue up like Beyonce at the VMAs. Pay special attention to the corners so there’s no chance of edges flicking up in the future.

3. Glue down anything that’s not iron on. Its fairly obvious what’s not, the iron on patches have a transparent film on the back. We used Crafters Choice Fabric Glue and absolutely smothered the back of the patch. Don’t worry, any overflow will dry clear.

4. Bead till death. Its time consuming and possibly painful. Denim is not kind, your fingers will hurt – But its so worth it! I did some detail in front of Netflix with a cheese board, which numbed the pain.

5. There are no rules! Go wild, or keep it simple if that’s your style.

The best part about this jacket is when people say “OMG I love your jacket, where is it from?” to which you can proudly reply, “I made it.” *insert sunglasses emoji*




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