Fanta releases a clothing collection in all its orange glory

In a world of Balenciaga-styled Ikea bags and Vetements collaborating with courier company DHL, we’re not surprised that fashion can sometimes bring with it the quirkiest of the quirky. Strap yourselves in, chaps, because Fanta (yes, the soft drink) have launched their own clothing collection, Fanta Pants, and yes, it’s orange in all its glory.

Various fabrics feature throughout the collection but velour and plastic the favourites of the bunch. The statement must-have is the see-through jacket including built in straws so you can sip your Fanta hands free.

As for the rest of the collection, think bumbags, crop tops and what might even be seen as a slight nod to Alexander McQueen’s infamous bumster trouser.

The collection’s items in all their ginger greatness are available to a selection lucky Instagram users via the Fanta account, with users needing to comment why they deserve a piece of the action.

Warm up your fingers and get commenting – you’ll have to hold us back!




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