Introducing: F45 Woodville

Sticking to your health and fitness goals can be hard because let’s face it, strict nutrition and training are challenging.

The dynamic duo behind F45 Woodville, Pete and Hilton understand this and for them it’s all about creating balance. The collective F45 mantra is motivation, innovation and results. But for them, it goes beyond that.

Brazilian born, Hilton travelled to Australia to study English. Working in the hospitality industry while studying, he felt a life change was needed so he decided to pursue his passion for fitness and become a qualified personal trainer.

Pete has been working as cabin crew with Qantas for the last 17 years. After living in Sydney, Perth and Melbourne it was time for him to return home to Adelaide. The two met in the gym over seven years ago when they first started weight training. Fitness has always been a priority in their lives, from gym to participating in sporting groups growing up.

After realising fitness was a top priority for both of them, they turned their minds to how they could become self-employed in the industry and help others achieve their goals.

The duo looked into a range of businesses from juice bars to restaurants and cafes but between Hilton’s PT knowledge and Pete’s extensive customer service experience from the Qantas days, the answer was right in front of them… a gym! Their mutual love for fitness encouraged them to seek out and experience different types of workouts, from body building, functional group training, outdoor bootcamp and crossfit.

The pair became part of the expanding F45 community. Both agreed that the concept of F45 was innovative and a recipe for success – which proved true as they now hold the title for the biggest F45 studio in SA.

As owners, Hilton and Pete lead by example. They uphold high standards which their team has embraced. “Hilton and I never wanted to be seen as ‘the boss’ and made a pact from the start to treat our trainers as team mates and break down the old boss/employee relationship, creating a happy place for all, open to feedback as we never see ourselves as perfect,” said Pete.

Studio manager, Raegan Kelly has been with Pete and Hilton from the beginning and has had a big influence on the studio’s success. Raegan brings balance and female perspective to the studio. She maintains an active social media presence and community engagement, which has contributed to the team’s success.

They always envisioned a stable and strong fitness community and strived to create exactly that. What began with 18 foundation members in January 2017 has now grown to more than 400 members. In 2017 F45 Woodville was awarded the #1 studio in SA and currently offers the biggest class schedule in the state. The strength of their F45 community reflects their passion and dedication.

Hilton and Pete believe everyone can progress their fitness, regardless of ability. The studio caters for all fitness levels and is always ready to assist members with regression/progression movements, sporting injuries, pregnancies and other challenges.

They aim to educate and inform members, helping them achieve better lifestyle habits. Both firmly believe people won’t take advice unless they trust the source which is why they make a conscious effort to know their members’ names and stories. They genuinely care and provide help and assistance that reaches far beyond a 45 minute workout. “It’s not only assistance regarding food or training we receive, but also help with anything that may be affecting our members lives,” said Hilton.

Offering a supportive environment, free of judgement is crucial. They push strongly for self-development and won’t stop until you feel your best mentally, physically and emotionally.


Photography by Andrew Castellucci
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