evo: Free Your Mind Campaign

evo free your mind campaign

evo have just released their latest campaign: Free Your Mind with the aim to escape brainwashing through their “new product”* Mane Control Not Mind Control.

The mysterious “new product”* in un-evo-like black and white packaging, instructs us to “refer to the Warning Manual for guidance on how to dispense product correctly into cerebrum.” Although the said manual that came in our Deprogramming Kit still has just scratching our heads — the words “lather scrub” and “brain wash” allude to it likely being a shampoo product.

evo mane control not mind control

evo drive through the Californian desert for the campaign video which features a range of alternative characters including the rainbow braided hair babe in the photo above. They head on a “mission of truth, beauty and justice, we uncovered the extra-ordinary; where individualism knows no bounds and good taste doesn’t matter as much as what tastes good.”

To add to the fun, they’ve also sneakily introduced ‘snakevo‘ — yes, just like Nokia’s original Snake. Although they’ve added the very serious disclaimer of: “evo hair is not liable for any drop in productivity due to snakevo’ing at work.” We’ve already fallen victim to this, and we think you should too: bit.ly/29WAvMv.

In the words of evo: Free your mind and your hair will follow.

*We believe this not to be a new product, but rather PR brainwash.






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