Embracing Natural

The pressure to look “good” is becoming a challenge in a generation full of influencers and beauty bloggers. We need to keep pushing the message that inner beauty matters, because in reality it does and women need to know that.

According to Australasian College of Cosmetic Surgery (ACCS), Australians spend an estimated $1 billion on cosmetic surgeries and procedures every year! With new research also showing us that one in two young women will go to extremes to achieve their perception of beauty, with half feeling more empowered when they have good skin.

Clinical psychologist, Dr Zac Elizabeth Buchanan says that women have been objectified by society, “It starts from an early age; from being praised for being a ‘pretty girl’, to being repeatedly told by the media that in order to be successful, admired, or be treated with value, you must look ‘perfect’,” states Dr Zac.

“Embracing one’s beauty should not come at the cost of your self-worth, women should be sure they are doing it to nourish and care for themselves,” says Dr Zac. The idea of beautiful is in the eye of the beholder, therefore as women, we need to support each other and make the healthier switch to embrace natural beauty. We need to learn to care less about social media pressure and new cosmetic procedures and be content and confident in our own skin.

Andalou Naturals is on our side and encouraging women to embrace their beauty and find a customised, performance based natural result, filled with the newest biotechnology to suit their skin and lifestyle.

You can learn more about their products by visiting www.andalou.com.au.




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