DIY: Ear Art

Minimalist accessorising has taken a new turn with the oversized statement earring. Sculptural shapes, clean lines, larger-than-life baubles and geometric clusters take form in architectural and often asymmetric offerings.

Prepare to acquaint yourself with wearable works of art that quite literally brush that dirt-off-your-shoulder!

While we lust over the likes of Proenza Schouler’s extravagant hammered drop pair and Tibi’s $717 gold nugget dangling hoops, there are always much more economical D.I.Y alternatives.

We scoured our jewellery boxes and the junk draw for simple objects we could add to some existing pieces and… ta-da!



Blanket Pins

Hang from a hoop, looped stud or drop earring.

Spring Coils

Hook each end of the spring together and attach to a stud or thread the coil around a hoop for a larger spiral style.

Malleable Scrap Wire

Bend into an abstract form and create a unique pendant for a drop earring or hook.


Hang a cluster in assorted sizes from a hoop or join to create a longer lined drop earring.




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