Designer Series: Grimaldi

Carmine Vozzo developed his obsession for high-end European fashion while on a work trip in Italy. After returning home, he toyed with the idea of founding his own fashion label, which ultimately led to the launch of Grimaldi in early 2017.

The Adelaide based menswear label is known for their luxe take on streetwear. With a range of high-quality designs, Grimaldi’s signature ripped denim collection has become a standout for the brand – available in their core colours of white, black, khaki and blue.

Grimaldi aims to capture that authentic Italian quality but for an affordable price, all while keeping their designs on trend and comfortable. We caught up with Carmine to find out a bit more about Grimaldi and what’s next for the label.

Why did you decide to make Grimaldi a streetwear label?
This was an easy decision for me! Streetwear is all about feeling comfortable and confident – by entwining a European fusion with this [it] allows the Grimaldi man to stand out from the crowd. Grimaldi is one of a kind, and that’s what I love about it!

Who else is behind the scenes at Grimaldi?
I’m lucky to have a supportive bunch of friends who help spread the word about Grimaldi locally and overseas. My family also taught me a lot about my Italian heritage and history, which helps inspire the Grimaldi vision.

Do you design everything yourself?
All Grimaldi pieces are designed by myself and I hand pick the fabrics, which is what I love. I draw lots of influence from the modern European man/woman.

What has been your biggest achievement so far?
My biggest achievement is making the impossible possible – starting my own label. I entered the fashion industry knowing I will overcome the challenges that come my way. Grimaldi didn’t happen overnight, but now I’m proud to run a successful business with a worldwide following.

What’s your bestselling product?
Grimaldi’s best-selling product is the White Distressed Biker Jean.

What’s next for Grimaldi?
Naturally, I’m planning to grow the male collection [but] I’m extremely excited to announce that women’s jeans are currently in the making! We hope to dominate the women’s streetwear game as well.





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