Design the New T-Shirt for South Australia

Sponsored by Brand South Australia

If there is one thing that South Australians are good at, it is supporting homegrown products and talent. There will soon be a one-stop shop where you can do this: Shop South Australia. A brand new initiative by Brand South Australia, the website aims to showcase the best South Australian products and services in one online destination.

The website currently stocks all the State Brand merchandise – you know, the ones with the red logo that you’ve seen everywhere – from t-shirts to umbrellas and even balloons. But the website will soon become an online marketplace where South Australian businesses – whether designer, maker, artist or retailer – can showcase all the products that are made here in our own backyard.

For the consumer, it will give you one location where you can not only find locally made products, but also know when you buy something from the website; it is helping a local business that employs local people.

To celebrate this new initiative, Brand South Australia is launching a competition for Adelaide’s aspiring and professional designers and artists to design a new t-shirt for South Australia. The only brief? A design that incorporates the essence of South Australia and sums up life in our amazing state.

The competition is open to all South Australians, and will be split into three categories: student, aspiring designer or artist and professional designer or artist. The final three winners will receive:


  • – $2,000 cash each ($6,000 total)
  • – Possible promotion of their story and design to Brand South Australia’s audience of over 100k
  • – Their artwork featured on a range of T-Shirts and merchandise that will be available for the public to purchase on Shop South Australia.


So whether you’re a high school student, studying at uni to be a designer or it’s already your job to create art, you can enter and express your vision of a South Australian essence.

The competition will run from 8 May-22 May 2017 and the winners will be announced on Monday, May 29 2017. 

Enter now at