Days Of August

If you scroll through your Instagram feed, pin a few posts on Pinterest or reblog some photosets on Tumblr, you’re bound to come across the trend of minimalism. The trend began to emerge in late 2014, took off in early 2015 and has well and truly cemented itself as the look of accessorising in 2016. Less, certainly, is more.

Meet Days of August, and Adelaide-based label specialising in sustainable design of dainty jewellery pieces that fit gently on the skin. Head designer Marie-Pier Labelle, a French-Canadian expat who now calls Australia home, uniquely applies the intricate concepts of jewellery design with a fresh take on accessorising. From Days of August you’ll find ear cuffs, sunglass keepers, necklaces and bracelets that can be dressed up or down depending on the occasion and how you choose to incorporate your pieces into an outfit.

We spoke with Marie-Pier about how her label began and what we can look forward to in the future.

Firstly, how did Days of August begin?
My background is in film making. I worked in the camera department on feature films in South Australia for nine years after finishing my Bachelor in Film Production in Montreal and moving to Adelaide with my husband in 2004.

I started Days of August as a side project in 2011, making jewellery and acquiring new skills between shoots, and it grew to a point where it needed my attention full time. I signed off on my last movie in 2013 and moved my studio out of my house and into a beautiful space in the city.

Your label is known for, and proud of, its sustainable design and ecological focus; How and why is this so important when making your pieces?
I think that ‘First do, no harm’ should not only be an oath for medical doctors, but for anyone who starts a business or project. We should always be responsible and conscious of what we are doing and how we are doing it. I have worked hard to make Days of August a carbon neutral business, and I aspire to make jewellery that will stand the test of time.

Each of your designs is unique from one another, where do you find inspiration for the designs?
I truly never know where my next idea will come from. They kind of strike me like a lightning bolt, usually when I am travelling or visiting my family in Canada. I think being away from the business day-to-day activities gives me the right headspace to see something in nature, architecture or old movies that might spark my next design.

What do you believe sets Days of August apart from other market creatives?
The most wonderful thing I hear from customers is ‘Oh my god, I have never seen anything like this before!’ and it makes me so happy! I strive to work on unexpected and versatile pieces that have a good balance between industrial structure and refined detailing. The reclaimed stainless steel I make most of my work from really helps me achieve that, and I am yet to see other designers use it. It is very hard to work with, but in the end, its durability and robustness is well worth the effort. Its properties are everything I look in a material. It’s recycled, hypoallergenic, high quality, non-tarnishing and extremely durable, which makes it quite unique.

What can we expect from Days of August in 2016?
Earlier this year, I ventured into the realm of hair accessories. My Hair Hardware collection is composed of hair combs and prongs, which I love because on top of looking beautiful, they are also functional. I have been very happy with the response they’ve received, and I will soon be expanding that collection. I am also very excited to be showing them in New York.

Get your piece of Days Of August here.





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