Couture+Love+Madness Makes Waves In China

South Australian designer Cristina Tridente recently showcased her stunning couture+love+madness Spring Summer 2016 Collection at the 16th annual Qingdao International Fashion Festival in China.

This is not the first time that couture+love+madness has graced the international stage. The 2015 collection was the first Australian label to be showcased at the Qingdao Festival, and Cristina was very excited to be asked back again this year.

“It’s such an honour to showcase among famous Korean and Chinese designers and I really want to put our state on the map for fashion,” she says.

The title of the 2016 collection is ‘Lady Camellia‘, inspired in part by Cristina’s favourite bloom, the camellia flower. The pink, red and white tones create a whimsical and dreamy atmosphere, making the collection impossible not to fall in love with.

Each of the designs has been meticulously crafted using an impressive range of textured fabrics. Laser-cut love hearts, Czechoslovakian crystals sewn by hand, lavish digitally printed silks and embroidered waistbands are just some of the features of the beautiful collection.

This impressive variety of fabrics and designs was also inspired by the remarkable array of travel experiences Cristina has had, which includes visits to China, India and South East Asia. The cultural influence of these nations is evident in the Lady Camellia collection, which oozes international sophistication.

The Lady Camellia collection also features the work of other creative South Australians. Accessories were provided by jewellery label Use by Simon Williams, and floral stylists Bizzaro.

“It’s exciting to showcase others’ work who are also locally made. The earrings, rings, headpieces and bouquets really completed the collection beautifully and were uniquely designed for this collection,” Cristina says.

Cristina has taken Qingdao by storm since the Fashion Festival. The couture+love+madness show received widespread media attention, appearing as a top story on numerous Chinese television channels. It has been viewed in excess of 550,000 times since Friday 13 May.

There’s no doubt that Cristina’s talent and hard work have enabled her to rise to international stardom in the fashion design world. We can’t wait to see Cristina’s next collection at this year’s Adelaide Fashion Festival, which is being held from 19 to 23 October 2016.

Spy our full gallery from the launch of ‘Lady Camellia’ in Adelaide late last year.

Couture+Love+Madness Makes Waves In China




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