Cotto Does Panini Your Way

cotto panini

Looking for a gourmet and fresh lunch on the run? Our go-to coffee stop, Cotto Espresso, have introduced a brand new and innovative sandwich bar into their Rundle Mall branch.

Rundle Mall is the first of their stores to see the new ‘Taste Revolution’ come to life with freshly baked bread, fresh sliced meats and condiments along with premium Italian ingredients.

Walk in and create a panini your way, that’s also made fresh to order – there’s a countless amount of options to make it just how you like it.

We couldn’t go past trying the truffle mayonnaise, all the cured Italian meats inside the softest focaccia loaf – which comes in a nifty cardboard box.

Mangia Mangia!

Cotto Espresso Panini Your Way
Cotto Espresso Panini Your Way
Cotto Espresso Panini Your Way




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