Cool down with an icy pole

What’s better than a refreshing ice-cold cocktail at the end of a long and hot summer’s day? How about your favourite cocktail in Popsicle form?

Spiked icy-poles are a thing, and they’re basically the answer to our happy hour prayers.

With summer in full swing, restaurants and bars across Adelaide are adding icy poles to their menus and with delicious flavours like raspberry vodka and pina colada – we’ll happily take the brain freeze.

We’ve done the research to bring you a list of the best icy poles (spiked and non-spiked) around Adelaide, and don’t worry we’ll keep you updated as the list grows!

Sean’s Kitchen

Available on their Girls’ Day Out menu, Sean’s Kitchen are serving up Mexican Paletas served up inside a watermelon. Don’t fear if you’re having a dry lunch, these popsicles are alcohol-free.

Adelaide Casino, Station Road, Adelaide

Hennessy Rooftop Bar

Enjoy your summer atop the Hennessy Rooftop Bar with a round of Raspberry Vodka or Pina Colada Popsicles.

Inside the Mayfair Hotel, 45 King William Street, Adelaide

Gin Long Canteen

This is one not for the children, Gin Long Canteen have added Gin Pops onto their summer menu for days 30 degrees or over.

42 O’Connell Street, North Adelaide

Loca Pops

Adelaide-owned business Loca Pops have been freezing up creative ice treats since 2012 – offering hand-crafted popsicles that are preservative and gluten free, and made using local, organic or pesticide free sourced fruit and herbs. With so many fresh flavour options, there’s bound to be something for everyone!

Stockists information here / home delivery available

More to come…we’ll keep you updated as this trend continues to catch on.

Don’t forget this is also a cocktail that’s easy to mix up at home! Freeze your favourite cocktail in icy pole moulds for the perfect summer refresher.




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