Cocktail Therapy

Just when you thought Peel Street was packed to the brim, another small bar takes footing, tucked away in the basement level of number 2 Peel Street. Hospitality veterans and La Rambla co-owners, Tom Smith and Kyle Young opened the doors to their newest project late last year with Therapy Cocktail Bar. The inspiration as Tom puts it, “plays on from ‘therapy in a bottle’”.

“Everyone needs to take the edge off somehow, and we like to do it with delicious spirits and cocktails. We also thought it was hilarious that our head bartender, Chris, majored in psychology.”

True to the inspiration, the lads wanted to create an environment of comfort. It’s dimly lit, with well-spaced seating for those who aren’t so keen on the “packed as a sardine can” feel that many small bars have. They don’t even play the music loud, they’ve really gone for an easy going atmosphere here. It makes sense with their vision being to make the perfect drink for every customer.

“We have over 100 cocktails on the list, not to mention we can make many more that aren’t on the list. We love talking to customers about what they like to drink, so instead of ‘here’s your list of 15 cocktails’ we encourage people to try new things,” says Tom.

That’s really the point of difference here, they’re more than happy to come out and have a leisurely chat about your flavour preferences and pair a drink to suit.

Final touch, it’s not all about the mixing. While cocktails are the focus, they’ve also enlisted the help of brew experts Beer Boys ADL to select and periodically rotate their beers. Tom says “we figured we’d leave the beer to the guys who love a froth”.

2 Peel St, Adelaide