Cocktail Feature: ‘Garden Party’ at Maybe Mae

Behind an unassuming entrance off Peel Street is Maybe Mae, a dimly lit cocktail bar tucked beneath its burger joint sibling, Bread & Bone. It carries a loose 1930s post-prohibition era theme, with panelled art deco framing on mirrored walls, and emerald-green leather booths.

South Australian produce is championed above all else at this underground bar, with an ever-changing cocktail list shaken by a well-versed team. For bar manager Nick Corletto, understanding the ingredients and their properties is the first step towards approachable, tailor-made cocktails. It’s a way of reassuring customers who may be “too timid to try something foreign or outlandish.” In saying that, “There is no right or wrong way to drink at Maybe Mae,” adds co-owner Ollie Margan.

The “Garden Party” is a mint julep-style cocktail, packed with shaved ice. Served freezing cold, it melds raspberry leaf and mint-infused rye whiskey with Fernet Branca and raspberry sherbet.

15 Peel Street, Adelaide

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Photography by Duy Huynh.