Coachella Trends: Then and Now

Coachella is in full swing right now and we’re lapping it up through Kylie Jenner’s social media. As we’re rugged up in our trackies and hoodies watching the official Coachella Snapchat story, California is actually living it, and holding one of the most admired music festivals of today’s pop culture.

We’re seeing some amazing trends and fashion occurring at this year’s festival and it got us thinking, how have we evolved from last year’s trends? We took a look back through time and bring you the do’s and don’ts of Coachella.

Do … bring some bling to your face by using little crystals as eyeliner. This sophisticated look was featured in the 2015 Fall NYFW when Swarovski crystals were glued under the lash line of the bottom eyelid.

Don’t … wear those cheap gems on your face! Yeah they were semi-alright last year, but this year it’s all about being subtle, and those definitely are not!

Do … use henna tattoos! These will never go out of fashion and add some slick style to any outfit. The henna dye is brown, so it doesn’t stand out as much and will last for days! No more of those annoying metallic tattoos rubbing off mid-crowd surf.

Don’t … wear those shiny Aztec temporary tattoos again. Seriously. They are a thing of the past and let’s keep them that way!

Do … be practical and wear a vintage cap! It’s always sunny in Cali and caps are making it back. An old Polo Ralph Lauren or Tommy Hilfiger cap are totally in and gives you that effortlessly chic look.

Don’t … wear those big tacky flower crowns! Not only are they obviously fake and so last year, you will find that no ones wears them anymore. It’s a silent awareness we all have and never speak about.

Do … throw on your old sneakers whether they are Connies, Vans, Adidas Stans, or Puma’s.

Don’t … strap on those gold Gladiators. Just don’t.

Do … wear a Camilla piece if you want to bring a little colour to your outfit. For example, here is our home-gurl Shanina Shaik owning Coachella in her Camilla dress.

Don’t … wrap bandanas around your face anymore. It was never cool – and what about when you gotta take selfies? That’s so much effort to take it down, smile or pout, and then re-tie it again after the phone gets whipped away.

Images via Pinterest




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