Clique’s guide to Adelaide’s best filter coffee

Coffee comes in all different shapes and sizes, there are so many varieties when you get down to the nitty gritty of the coffee bean itself. From the location it was sourced, altitude it grew in, how it was washed, how it was roasted, and these can all factor in the way it tastes when you take that first delicious sip.

Forget about the milk, forget about any sugar or sweeteners, we’re going back to basics and talking about filter coffee. Filter coffee almost always starts with a single origin bean – a bean sourced from a single origin without being blended with other varieties. Depending on what origin the beans were grown, the flavour profiles change every time. Kenya produces an intensely acidic bean with citrus and berry notes whereas Sumatra creates a rich, full bodied coffee with notes of syrup and chocolate.

Filter coffee can be brewed in a few different ways. A batch brew is a contemporary take on classic diner coffee pot where the hot water pours over the ground coffee into a jug. A pour over is a method of slowly pouring small amounts of water over a small amount of coffee to release as much of the flavour as possible. An aero press is a contraption that uses forced air to push water over the coffee extracting delicious liquid gold at the other end.

Adelaide undeniably has some incredible coffee and a few of the places that hold a special place in our heart serve up some bloody good filter coffee. These are some of our favourite cafes that offer a delicious filtered brew.


My Grandma Ben

A Clique favourite and family member, Jessie Spiby, opened her first café earlier this year with a huge focus on sustainability. She offers customers coffees and pickles in return for their home-grown produce. Using Monday’s Coffee Store filter beans, only serving sensational batch brew (but we’re not complaining).


WHERE? Plant 4 Bowden, Third Street Bowden.

WHEN? Wednesday 10-3, Thursday 10-3:30, Friday 10-9, Saturday 8-3:30, Sunday 9-3:30


Crack Kitchen

Heritage bank with an in-house roastery on the mezzanine level calls for nothing but perfection. Crack is serving up just that, addicting pour overs and daily batch brew with delicately roasted single origins or featured filter beans from roasters around Adelaide.


Where: 13 Franklin Street, Adelaide

When: Monday-Friday 7-4, Saturday-Sunday 8-3


Acacia Henley

These guys are serious about their coffee. Most of the staff compete regularly in barista competitions and they bring their skills to this Henley Beach gem. The fit out is perfection and compliments their faultless coffee. Batch brew and V60 are top on our list.


WHERE? 3/269 Seaview Road, Henley Beach

WHEN? Monday-Thursday 7-4, Friday-Sunday 7-11


Exchange Speciality Coffee

Pull up a stool in the lane ways of Adelaide’s East End and choose from an array of filter coffee. Exchange uses Market Lane Coffee for their staple espresso and aero press and a range of beans from Monday’s Coffee Store are always on hand for a batch brew.


WHERE? Shop 1-3, 12-18 Vardon Avenue, Adelaide

WHEN? Monday-Friday 7-5, Saturday 8-4, Sunday 9-4.

Header image via Acacia. Crack Kitchen image via Renae Schulz Photography.




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