Clique Travel Guide: London

London. The British capital filled with Australian expats amongst a multicultural population like no other. A gateway to the world with trains, planes, busses and cars all able to transport one from England to the other side of Europe without costing an arm and a leg. A city of colourful and welcoming individuals proud to be Londoners or adopted Londoners that wear their love of their home on their sleeve.

The Thames runs through the heart of the city nestled between leafy embankments, globally recognised landmarks and double decker buses travelling through the city street. Follow it along for a walk and become lost along your way musing at Tower Bridge, Shakespeare’s Globe and the London Eye. You start at one end and find yourself in a completely foreign area of the city, an invigorating feeling while travelling.

When picturing London in its typically imagined form of two-storey attached houses and apartments filling the streets, the affluent area of Kensington lives up to this preconceived idea. Alongside Notting Hill and Mayfair, these boroughs nestled slightly away from the tourist hotspots bring a sense of calm and (literal) colour to the streets. The neighbourhoods for the seasoned Londoner. A city both alive as a tourist mecca yet homely enough to harbour the charm of a small town.


Daisy Green, 20 Seymour Street, Marylebone

While yes, when abroad you are meant to immerse yourself in what the country has to offer, Daisy Green’s impeccably accurate Australian brunch options are not to be passed up – especially when what you’re craving is a well-done smashed avo. Natural lighting streaming through also aids in the overall atmosphere of the modern café.


Covent Garden & Nearby Victoria Embankment

Channel your inner My Fair Lady and saunter in and around the streets of Covent Garden Market peppered with ornate craftsmen and quintessentially British delights: scones, jam and oversized pints of beer at any time of the day. The Victoria Embankment along the river Thames is only a short walk from Covent Garden that takes one past the London Eye, Parliament and the currently scaffold-hidden Big Ben.


Buckingham Palace & The Mall

A visit to London is not complete without a visit to Buckingham Palace to view the home of HM The Queen in all its pomp and ceremony. A walk up The Mall presents one with a view of not only The Palace itself but also the Victoria Monument on the approach and Clarence House, home to HRH The Prince of Wales and HRH The Duchess of Cornwall.


British Museum, Great Russel Street, Bloomsbury

The British Museum is home to priceless artefacts like The Rosetta Stone and the Elgin Marbles making it a must-see for anyone visiting the British capital, history enthusiast or not. The generously proportioned galleries of Ancient Egyptian and Greek artefacts are a particular highlight in what can be guaranteed a highlight of any trip to London. Entry to the museum is free, a rarity in Europe and the UK.


The Design Museum, 224-238 Kensington High Street, Kensington

A contemporary museum in the opulent area of Kensington, The Design Museum encompasses art from fashion, graphic design, photography and videography. The interior of the building itself exudes modern architecture and sets the tone for what a visit to the museum will bring its guests.

TICKETS: vary in price depending on the exhibitions running at the time of visit. For more information, visit The Design Museum website here.

Photography by Sonia Blair. Daisy Green image via their website.




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