CLIQUE Picks: Winter Warmers

Although we admit to still clinging to the beach days, bronzed skin and acai bowls of the summer, there’s no denying that the cooler climate is well and truly sneaking up on us. If this week’s dreary forecast is anything to go by, it’s about time we succumb to the comfy carby, cheesy, chocolatey goodness of comfort food season.

To help get you through Adelaide’s winter, we’ve collated our fave winter warmer haunts to keep you cosy from the inside out.

Winter Warm Food - Adelaide - The Beigelry

The Beigelry

There’s nothing better than a cup of steaming soup and some crunchy toast on a cold winter’s morning. The Topham Mall bagel aficionados know this all too well and have kicked the classic pumpkin soup up a notch, pairing it with one of their authentic Brooklyn style bagels.

In response to an overwhelming demand for the return of their delicious soups, this winter sees the return wholesome, fresh varieties each and every day. Whether you’re a “Wholemeal and Rye” kind of gal or prefer the “Everything” variety, a toasted and buttered Beigel paired with freshly made soup is a match sent down from the comfort food gods.

WHERE? Shop 19, Topham Mall, Adelaide
WHEN? Mon – Fri: 07.30 – 15.00 (or until sold out)

Adelaide Winter Warm Food - C.R.E.A.M


The reigning kings and queens of the Adelaide coffee scene, C.R.E.A.M are also known to put on a hell of a spread. While their mango smoothie bowls and smashed avo were our go-to over the summer season, C.R.E.A.M’s array of indulgent flavour combinations sees them reign supreme all year long. A menu boasting “Breakfast Donut Sandwiches”, “Stewed Apple Porridge” and “Brioche French Toast”, C.R.E.A.M have us heading beachside this winter.

Think triple stacked hotcakes topped with the ridiculously crunchy “Rogo’s Fried Chicken” and doused in deliciously sweet maple syrup for the ultimate feel good comfort food experience. Or if a home cooked vibe is more your style, why not dig into their “Nan’s Corn Fritter Stack” piled high with avocado salsa and blistered truss tomatoes. Regardless of which is your comfort food jam, pair it with one of the C.R.E.A.M Team’s award winning coffees for the ultimate in winter warmer experiences.

WHERE? 4/49 Jetty Road, Brighton
WHEN? Mon – Sun: 07.00 – 16.00

Winter Warm Food - Adelaide - 50sixone


After forging a name for themselves as the holy grail of desserts at their debut store on King William Road, 50sixone have since taken to the hills with a Mount Barker café earlier this year. Sure to fulfil your naughtiest winter cravings, the dessert connoisseurs are not all ice cream and chocolate. In fact, if you look past the towering Insta-Famous Shakes that took Adelaide by storm in 2016, you’ll uncover an array of outlandishly indulgent winter warmers.

For the ultimate cheat day experience, why not tackle some of the dessert bar’s craziest creations. Treat yourself to a generous scoop of deep fried cookie dough filled with lusciously gooey Nutella. Get even more extra (if that’s even possible) and caffeinate your dessert with a Ferrero Latte, dreamy.

WHERE? 144A King William Road, Hyde Park // 2 Gawler Street, Mount Barker
WHEN? Mon – Sun: 07.00 – 23.00

Winter Warm Food - Adelaide - Spaghetti Western

Spaghetti Western

New kids of the block, Spaghetti Western, are already making some serious waves amongst Adelaide’s carb lovers. Landing on King William Street at the brink of winter, the restaurant is serving up three levels of tasty winter warmers. A fusion of Italian Nonna hospitality and added Wild West zing, it’s comfort food taken to new heights.

Carb loading is definitely on the table at Spaghetti Western. The Italian American hybrid menu sees the likes of “Fried Ravioli”, indulgently cheesy “Eggplant Lasagne” and even “PB&J Panacotta” for the ultimate winter cheat day.

WHERE? 111 King William Street, Adelaide
WHEN? Mon – Fri: 11.00 – 02.00 // Sat: 16.00 – 02.00

Larry & Ladd - Adelaide Winter Warm Food

Larry & Ladd

Larry & Ladd are known for keeping it simple. Great toasties and even better coffee make up the bulk of the menu, and boy do they do it well. Equally crunchy and cheesy, Larry & Ladd’s range of toasties are the perfect on-the-go comfort meal.

While the team are more than happy to accommodate the classic ham and cheese lover, Larry & Ladd’s specialty toasty range reach beyond the realms of your everyday sandwich. The boys are taking your favourite comfort eats and upping the game with gooey melted cheese and perfectly toasted bread. We’re talking mac and cheese, bolognase sauce and even Nutella and sliced banana, delish.

WHERE? Shop 36, Regent Arcade, Adelaide
WHEN? Mon – Sat: 07.00 – 16.00