CLIQUE Picks: The tastiest pho spots around Adelaide

Look, we don’t know anyone who doesn’t love a good bowl of pho, and especially on a rainy day like this. But for those unfamiliar, pho is a traditional Vietnamese soup consisting of slow cooked broth – usually beef or chicken – fresh rice noodles and meat. What most of us love about this dish is not only how delicious it actually tastes but also how reasonably priced it actually is.

Most pho dishes will cost you under $15, leaving your stomach full and your tastebuds satisfied. With the arrival of cold weather, we’ve decided to round up a list of the best five spots in Adelaide for you to try an authentic bowl of pho.


WHERE? 65 Woodville Road, Woodville
HOW MUCH? $13.00

Most of you might be more familiar with Little NNQ on Gouger Street but this Western suburbs staple is the original restaurant that started it all, and now they also have Third by NNQ on King William Street.

Pho SA

WHERE? 42 Currie Street, Adelaide
HOW MUCH? From $10.50-$15.00

Being a city centre staple, you’ll never not find this Currie Street fave empty, with a big corporate crowd filing in for lunch every day. It’s also a very often referred to as the best CBD pho. You’ll just have to try it for yourself.

Pho Ba Ria 2

WHERE? 54c Hanson Road, Woodville Gardens
HOW MUCH? From $11.50-$13.50

Don’t be fooled by the unassuming shop front, if you’re in search of the real deal and true Vietnamese eats, we all know you have to go to this area. And trust us, Pho Ba Ria 2 is quickly going to be your new favourite restaurant.

Vietnamese Laundry

WHERE? 152 Sturt Street, Adelaide
HOW MUCH? $12.50

This little inner-city gem was a laundromat in its former life and it’s now a Vietnamese street food bar – cool, right? And the pho is pretty damn good.

Khang’s Noodles

WHERE? 10 Arndale Street, Kilkenny
HOW MUCH? $14.00

If you know, you know. Khang’s is a super popular lunch and dinner choice for those who live West and you’ll rarely find it empty – you’ve got to wonder how many litres of that delicious pho broth they pump out a day.


WHERE? 30 Bank Street, Adelaide
WHEN? Large Pho – $10

So central, so convenient and still the cutest little set up in the Bank Street vicinity. It’s also potentially one of the cheapest (and tastiest) pho offering in the city.

Hero image via Sitlo.




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