Clique Picks: Sportsgirl Skincare

It’s no secret that Sportsgirl have an incredible range of affordable beauty, from $13 lipsticks to $15 bronzers, but did you know they’re also big on skincare? Their current range includes some of the most popular beauty products of the moment: scrubs, masks, bath salts and even their very own drying lotion. And with such an affordable price point, we’ve put together our top five non-negotiable products we suggest you get ASAP.


Spot Stop Drying Lotion


You’ve heard of the Mario Badescu Drying Lotion and its amazing healing powers, right? Well this fast acting blemish treatment works in exactly the same way; drying out and healing spots overnight! It’s the miracle bottle that you’ll always need on hand − just in case.

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Fresh Faced Face Wipes


We all know the easiest way to get rid of your makeup off is with face wipes, especially when it’s 3am. Infused with micellar and coconut water, these wipes cleanse your face of any dirt and makeup from the day, while also re-hydrating your skin. They make for the perfect first step to your nightly skincare regime.

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Beauty Queen Clean Cleansing Brush


This has to be the best beauty tool ever invented. With soft micro bristles on one side for a proper deep clean, as well as a textured side for a facial massage with gentle exfoliation. Usually cleansing brushes come with a pricetag upwards of $50, so you really can’t go wrong with this one.

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SG X Kelly Maker Rose Body Salts


Have you heard? It’s out with bath bombs and in with bath salts. These rose-scented salts easily dissolve in warm water, creating a relaxing and calming bath. It’s the perfect nightime ritual − light some candles, get yourself a glass of wine and enjoy.

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Time To Prime − Pretty Peach


If you haven’t heard of light diffusing primers, then you definitely need to try one! Creating a flawless base for your foundation, this primer brightens the appearance of your skin to create a radiant glow no matter what type of foundation you follow with. This primer comes in a warm peach colour that work perfectly with all skin tones.

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