CLIQUE PICKS: Reboot Your Fitness Regime

It’s a tale as old as time. “This year I’m going to get fit/workout more/insert health related goal here” are the words on everyone’s lips as they set their New Year’s resolutions each year. And while the warm summer months filled with blue skies and bikini bods were enough to inspire even the comfiest couch potatoes amongst us, the threat of chilly mornings and turning back the clocks is fast approaching.

We’ll be the first to admit that Mad March festivities had us occasionally reaching for the snooze on our early morning yoga sesh in favour of some late-night indulgence. A month of chowing down, drinking up and boogying will inevitably take its toll, and with winter waiting in the wings it can be tough to prioritise getting your sweat on over those cosy autumn sleep-ins.

Don’t let impending chilly weather lead you astray, we’re here to revitalise and inspire your inner health-nut with three unique approaches to reboot your fitness regime.

KX Pilates

Looking to to get strong, fit and fabulous without all the pesky muscle bulk? James Trenerry and the team at KX Pilates combine a unique blend of traditional pilates and high intensity workouts for a whole body regime that will keep you in tip top form. If fact, it’s a 5-in-1 package with strength, coordination, balance, flexibility and muscle endurance all of the upmost importance for a long, lean body of your dreams. Don’t spend gruelling hours at the gym, the team at KX have perfected a range of 50 minute classes to optimise the efficiency of each and every workout. Better yet, the trainers are more than happy to tailor classes to suit any ability levels or injuries. The KX philosophy is to Define Yourself. And with an electric atmosphere and enthusiastic trainers, you’ll see gradual and ongoing improvements to your fitness, mental and overall health in no time.



We’re all for gals inspiring their pals and that is exactly what MBODY is all about. Imagine a gym full of motivated, determined girls who each want to kick butt and get their sweat on, sounds to good to be true, right? Wrong! MBODY is a space for absolute lady bosses – lead by the ultimate lady boss herself Henny Moody – with a dedication to themselves and their goals. In this gym, fitness is nourishment, never a punishment and no matter how hard the workout, there will always be a girl there to lift you back up. If you’ve ever felt deflated, demotivated or disempowered by a standard gym, this one is for you. Feel empowered, be inspired and take back control of your exercise goals. MBODY offer a range of HIIT and Yoga classes as well as one-on-one and small group workouts. So whether you prefer to sweat it out or find your zen, there is bound to be a class for you.


Aleenta Barre

If you’ve ever gazed longingly at the toned abs, lean limbs and perfect posture of the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show then you’ll love this. Barre is the latest trend to sweep the fit and fab Angels and they swear by it to get runway ready. Now with four locations across Adelaide, Aleenta Barre is revolutionising the way we think about toning. Say goodbye to obnoxiously huge weights and hello to a low intensity, high rep workout you’ll love. A combination of soothing yoga flows, strengthening pilates moves and, of course, the barre will have you en route to the ballerina body that dreams are made of. The barre-tenders at Aleenta live by the mantra “Do Something Different” so why not shake up your fitness regimes with a range of hour-long classes that rotate routines each month.



Tahlia Pretty

As one of our CLIQUE Fit ambassadors, its no secret that we LOVE all things Tahlia Pretty. A self-love aficionado, we can’t get enough of her ambition to inspire, empower and educate the ladies of Adelaide. Her holistic approach to wellbeing involves kickass bootcamps and sweat inducing personal training in addition to her renowned Soulshine workshops that feature goal-setting, mindfulness and the power of positivity. No matter your goals – fitness or otherwise – Pretty’s vibrant energy is infectious and will have you reaching new heights, setting your soul alight and have you shining from within in no time.





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