CLIQUE Picks: CC Creams

We all have those days where our skin looks savagely dull and lifeless. We attempt to cover it with lashings of foundation, blush and bronzer, but only to make the situation much, much worse.

If this sounds all too familiar then it’s time to invest in a good quality CC cream. CC stands for colour correcting, and as the name suggests it does exactly that; it corrects the colour of your complexion.

Unlike BB (Beauty Balms) creams, which are similar to a light foundation or tinted moisturizer, and provide coverage with added skincare benefits like antioxidants, vitamins and SPF. CC creams on the other hand address issues like redness and sallowness with light reflecting pigments, and can be word alone or under your regular make-up.

We’ve found the five CC creams that belong in your beauty cabinet ASAP.

CLIQUE Picks: CC Creams