Clique is back in print

After a year-long hiatus, Clique’s hard copy magazine is finally back and we couldn’t be more excited! For our return issue, we wanted a theme that meant something to people. The slow fashion movement has evolved rapidly and we wanted to weigh in and do our part. We wanted to be a voice for sustainable and ethical fashion, especially within South Australia.

“There’s a perception that the fashion industry doesn’t care about ethics,” Selena Battersby, Editor of Clique (print) says.

“We’re going to show you how to think differently…consider this our little piece to inspire, shine light on new talent, and to show things in a new way.”

We’ve deliberated over each and every thing in this issue. The stories we tell are important and inspiring, and we couldn’t be more proud of the magazine as a whole.

“You’ll be hard-pressed to read through the following pages and not make changes,” Selena says.

“Think about what you’re buying, who made it, where did it come from. Buy local, buy pre-loved. Consider it all. We can make a difference. The smallest actions can make big impacts.”

Hitting the streets today, you can find Clique at your local cafe, restaurant and boutique. We hope you love it as much as we loved creating it for you.

Welcome to the new Clique. Reworked. Re-energised.



Photos by: Bradley Bruni.




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