Interiors: Samantha Webb and Tom Mayfield (and Pompoms)

As the owner of The Nomad Collective, it’s no surprise that when you step into Samantha Webb and her partner Tom Mayfield’s Camden Park home you’re flooded with wanderlust.

Think tassels and pom-poms, colours and textures, plus a collection of treasures that turn this humble house into their one-of-a-kind home.

During their travels to places such as India, Nepal and Morocco, they’ve collected homewares and embellishments to fill their place. Samantha says it’s a great reminder of all the places they’ve been.

“I always buy at least one new unique trinket or ornament that I can display in our home when I travel now,” Samantha says.

Tom’s classical wooden sitar and their red embroidered ottoman (that their baby bunny Pompoms has claimed!) were picked up while travelling around India and he dragged them across the country so he could bring it home to their lounge room.

Along with their travel finds, Samantha and Tom have also purchased a lot of their furniture from auctions or Tom has made it himself; including their kitchen shelves, bed frame that’s made from five different types of recycled wood and he’s currently in the process of making a new dining table.

“The inspiration behind the bed came from an artist Ariele Alaska who creates wooden wall hangings – we thought how beautiful to do something similar for our bed. We tried to create a design and shape that would be really interesting and unique.”

Although the bed frame is a standout, the master bedroom’s centrepiece would have to be the vintage wicker peacock chair sitting in the corner fitted with a sheepskin for comfort. As we could only imagine, Samantha has a large collection of tribal silver jewellery draped over her dressing table mirror that we couldn’t help but feel the urge to jingle around.

Their current dining table, that’s now destined to become their outdoor table, is an old recycled, mint green door that’s still fitted with it’s original door knob and hinges. It’s perfectly matched with turquoise ornamental chairs and plenty of colourful wall hangings.

There’s an abundance of plants both indoors and out, including a very healthy vegetable patch alongside their shaded courtyard that’s overflowing with greenery and potted cactuses.

“Tom and I have constant discussions on how much we should or shouldn’t water them – apparently I have a tendency to water them too much…but I haven’t killed any yet!”

For more of Samantha’s interiors inspiration follow her at @thenomadcollective

Click through below to view the full gallery of their beautiful home (and Pompoms).

CLIQUE Interiors: Samantha Webb and Tom Mayfield

Photography by Josh Geelen.




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