Introducing: The Christmas Wreath Company

December is upon us and whether you mask yourself as a Grinch or are a festive elf, the Christmas season is here for the year and decorations are starting to fill houses and city streets. ‘Tis the season to decorate and make your homes the Magic Cave of the suburbs!

Christmas decorations tend to swing one way or the other depending on the colour palates and attitudes we have ourselves. Are you a less is more type of person, or a more is definitely more? If there’s one item of decoration that is essential to a festive household that screams we-have-Mariah-Carey-on-repeat, it’s the Christmas Wreath on the front door. No apartment, house or even workplace is quite finished without a wreath and you need to look no further for the perfect wreath.

The Christmas Wreath Company are an Australian company creating festive wreaths for any colour palate and household taste. Owner Meagan Cutcliffe started the business after a poignant encounter in New York in the 90s.

“Having a career in PR, journalism and marketing, I found myself travelling to New York on work assignments for about four years [and] each trip coincided with Christmas so I found myself wondering into the most amazing Christmas specialty stores,” Meagan says. “I decided that I wanted one and by 2000 I had two, one on the Northern Beaches in Sydney and one in Thredbo in the NSW ski fields”

We had a chat to Meagan to find out where we can get our hands on a wreath and just what Christmas 2017 is going to bring in decorating.

How and when did The Christmas Wreath Company begin?

The Christmas Wreath Co started in earnest last year. I opened a shop on Etsy, had a new logo produced, had a launch party and said “here we go…let’s deck the halls”. The business is gathering steam and I’m delighted with its progress. I’ve sold 50 wreaths of late and have some international orders which are about to be filled.

Where is your biggest source of inspiration when making Christmas wreaths considering the market for them is more seasonal than constant?

My biggest source of inspiration is my three girls. My girls ski race for Australia and that costs money. This helps to fund their racing and training. I work as an interior designer by day and then we all work on the wreaths on the weekends. The girls grew up covered in glitter and all play a vital role in the business. Although it is seasonal, it takes the full year to source materials, attend trade shows, keep an eye on colour trends in the fashion and homewares industries and generally keep thinking about what works on a wreath. The options are endless.

Minimalism is always a popular decorating aesthetic yet at Christmas more definitely is more! What trends should we look out for this year?

Yes, there isn’t a whole lot of subtlety in the Christmas game! Bigger isn’t just better it’s usually brighter. You do see some minimalism in the industry, but generally most people want to see the pow factor and this can be seen by one example of more and more lights appearing on people’s homes. I think people are happy to see lots of colour at Christmas. It’s sentimental, it’s tacky, it’s warm and fuzzy but most of all it’s heartwarming. Trending at present is still the Scandinavian look of simple red, beige and white. Also, the French provincial look is big – greys, maroons, egg shell blue and grey again. In general, people are more sophisticated these days with their decorating and colours and themes reflect what is in their lounge rooms.

You make some gorgeous arrangements in assortments of colouring: do you have a favourite combination for Christmas 2017?

My favourite wreaths start off with a beautiful ribbon. I search high and low in op shops and gift shops to find interesting pieces. I’ll hunt them down on eBay or Etsy. I love rich brocades and strong taffetas. From here I start the design process. I love elegant flowers and sprays and for me these wreaths are my favourites. The colours for this year are again champagne golds and spicy reds. The colour combo of silver, gold, white and rose gold will be popular. Very elegant and sparkly like a diamond. Watch out for pastels with soft pinks, mauves and sage greens.

If you were to leave us with one stylish tip for this Christmas, what would it be?

Whatever you think you need in terms of the numbers of decorations required to decorate anything – tree, wreath, table centrepiece, mantle etc. double it! You always need double what you think you do.

Finally, how can we get our hands on some of your festive creations for this Christmas?

I’m on Facebook and on and key in TheChristmasWreathCo into the search box.




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