Chef Profile: Seksan Suntharaphai of Gondola Gondola

With over 20 years experience in the kitchen, Gondola Gondola’s head chef Seksan Suntharaphai has come a long way to bring us the food we see today. Seksan spent the first 10 years of his career in Bangsaen, Thailand, and by making the shift to Australia, his career has only flourished. He notes that the biggest culture shift was the way chefs are treated – in Thailand, they’re prescribed what to do and how to execute it. In complete contrast, in Australia, the chef’s ability is prized and creativity is continually encouraged.

Prior to Gondola Gondola, Seksan has worked in establishments like Orientai, and Cliché under the guise of renowned chef, Nu Suandokmai. “He [Nu] needed help opening Cliché and I wanted to learn from his experience,” says Seksan.  The Thai/Chinese/Vietnamese specialist was given the opportunity to take on Gondola Gondola as his first head chef role. Seksan recognised the challenges with the restaurant industry, “everything in Australia changes quickly,” he says in relation to food, tastes and trends. There’s the continual need to add, evolve, reinvent and take customers on a new experience. From the first spark of imagination to the final execution he’s entirely embraced the opportunity for creativity. “I try to make Vietnamese modern style, with a twist of Thai ingredients,” Seksan explains in relation to the menu, he goes on, “I feel really confident with my experience and food. I feel customers will be impressed with the experience.”

Head on down to Gondola Gondola at 1 Peel Street Adelaide, for a delicious meal!

Photography by Duy Dash




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