Celebrate KLP’s Birthday at Cats


Sydney DJ, producer and vocalist KLP has had a massive year, and it’s not even close to being over. So far in 2016, she’s supported Art vs Science on their national tour, headlined her own Nothing But Air tour, and mixed the upcoming triple j House Party Volume 5 Compilation.

Tonight will see her take over Cats at Rocket as a part of the huge 17-date KLParty tour, accompanied by kickass She Can DJ winner Minx and local DJ Mel Lake. We had the chance to catch up with KLP and Minx ahead of the show, so have a read below and get amped to dance your butt off tonight!

KLP // Kristy Lee Peters

How’s the tour been treating you so far? Have there been any particularly memorable experiences?
Every single night has been a great vibe, but Proud Mary’s on the Central Coast is quite memorable because someone crowd surfed twice. I’ve never had that happen before at a club show.

Where did the idea of KLParty come from?
It originally started as a monthly party at Chinese Laundry in Sydney (shout out to them!) I had acts like Paces, Slumberjack, Indian Summer, Nes all come and play, and then I decided to start taking it around Australia first with Young Franco and then Terace.

When did you get into music and producing?
My dad is a musician and producer (he runs a studio) so from a very, very early age. I guess that gave me a head start, but it wasn’t until I had my own laptop as a teenager that I really started experimenting by myself with musical styles, beats and recording my own vocals.

What are some of the genres and artists that inspire you the most?
Good pop music and anything that is a stand alone amazing song. If you have that it can be produced up in any way or style/genre and still work. That’s inspiring to me.

When you’re not busy with music, what are you up to?
I love hanging with friends and organising dinners, mini getaways. I’m always wearing sneakers onstage (I have a slight sneaker obsession) so when I have a day off I love dressing up a little fancy and going out for nice dinners and drinks.

What has been the most rewarding thing about your musical career so far?
When I write music it always comes from a very personal place, and if someone can connect or relate to that and it has a positive effect on their life, then that’s pretty special.

What about the most difficult?
Sometimes you have to have a really thick skin and it takes a whole lot of resilience and persistence, but the good thing is, that gets easier to do every single day.

What do you have planned for the future?
I’m thinking one day when I grow up I’ll be a private detective, or politician… one day…


MINX // Rachel Phillips

What have you been up to recently? Any music in the works?
I’ve just come back from a month break in Europe. Headed back to one of my favourite spots for some music inspiration… You guessed it. Ibiza it is.

So now it’s time to get back into it… I have a remix of a Solitaire classic coming out on Tinted next week and [am] about to start work on my debut track under my Rachel May alias.

You’re from Adelaide initially, right? Are you keen to play at Rocket this Friday for the KLParty?
I’m not from Adelaide but I did live here for some time a few years back. Electric Circus was always my home, so it’s great to be in the building and seeing some fave faces on Friday. KLP is a buddy of mine too, so we’ll be having a very fun night I have no doubt.

What tracks have been on repeat for you lately?
I’ve been listening to lots of house gems. Everything from Too Much Information by Dele Sosimi Afrobeat Orchestra to Chez Damier to CamelPhat.

Your career as a DJ so far has been so prolific and incredible so far, with you performing alongside some huge names and winning She Can DJ — do you have any advice for young DJs hoping to find success in the music industry?
Yeah, I guess one bit of advice I can offer is make sure you frequent the venues you would love to play at. Just sending in your mix or Soundcloud link won’t cut it. Show your face and make an effort to meet the promoters. Everything is too online-based, so take it back to face-to-face interaction. Trust me!

Have you found it hard to stay motivated and keep your passion?
I have at times found it hard. As time passes and music evolves, you need to stay relevant yet keep your sound apparent. Definitely keeps me on my toes but I like the challenge.

When did you start getting into music and DJing?
I’ve always loved music, but I started DJing in 2004. Wowzers, that makes me feel ancient!

What do you do to wind down when you’re not busy with music and touring?
Family time is a must for me. I see them as often as I can. Keeps me sane!

What have been some of the most memorable experiences of your musical career so far?
Wow, that’s a tough one… Having my own releases is one thing I smile about a lot and I can’t thank my pal Chris Arnott enough for helping me with everything.

Also I think playing every year of Stereosonic Festival since its birth has been awesome. Having the chance to play in front of thousands of people was made possible because of this.

Playing in Ibiza at Pacha and Cafe Mambo have also been right up there for me.

Being able to see the world and make people dance in itself is pretty incredible.

What do you have planned for the future?
I cannot wait for summer to kick in. I’ll be playing around Australia and releasing some new music under both Minx and Rachel May. There are some really exciting events going on over this summer too. I can’t wait!

Join the Facebook event for $15 express entry into Rocket from 9pm tonight.





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