Bohemian Vibes At Bochica

Bohemian vibes are everywhere these days, whether it’s at the local markets, small coffee shops, or inside your own bedroom. Perfect for those wanderlust souls craving some colour and creativity in their lives.

Wouldn’t it be amazing to purchase some bohemian items that have actually been created and produced authentically in countries such as Mexico, Peru and India? To have colours and materials sourced ethically from countries around the world? Well look no further as Bochica are all over this.

Based in Adelaide, Bochica is a bohemian-vibes label, offering everything from homewares to jewellery to fashion. We caught up with Alexandra Luna, founder of Bochica to get all the deets on this amazing label!

So tell us a little about yourself…
My name is Alexandra Luna, originally from Colombia. I founded Bochica in late 2014 after travelling and finding eclectic treasures across different cultures and continents. I have been involved with fashion since a young age and felt I could contribute in supporting artisans and preserving their skills through Bochica. We are a small team and each member brings a different skill to make the project possible.

Where do you get your inspiration? 
I feel inspired by the world’s communities. Women, fashion and everything in-between. I started traveling at the age of 19, and since then every trip, every little place has given me something to feel inspired of; the colours, textiles, diverse and ancient cultures, and also seeing the hardship a lot of people go through. The style behind Bochica is bohemian and earthy.

How did Bochica come around?  
After working several years in retail, I discovered my need for creating something different. I wanted to sell something I could feel proud off.

After seeing disadvantaged communities, especially women, that had a lot of skill to offer to the world – I felt I could help bring their beautiful creations to Australia. There is something different in a product that is a labour of love compared to something that is mass-produced and thanks to bohemian fashion trends, the products fit in perfectly.

What products do you offer? 
Bochica supports independent artisans, and small rural communities in developing countries (Mexico, Peru, India, Ghana).

You can find a range of products from bohemian bags, made in the heart of the Indian desert, to Ponchos, made in the highest mountains of the Andes in South America.

How do you create some of your statement pieces?  
The designs are traditionally made by the artisans. However, for some products we create mock-ups and experiment with different designs until we get it right.

Behind every thread, piece of leather, metal, or wood, there is history to be shared with the world.  When you take home something from Bochica, you are taking a little piece of the world.

If you could choose one event to visit throughout history, what would it be and why?
It would be semi-historical but I would like to visit Bochica, the South American God we are named after.

He turned up out of nowhere and helped the local people by teaching them morality, ethics, agriculture, among other things before eventually leaving to live life as an ascetic. I would like to learn something that I can bring back and apply to our lives.

And what’s next for Bochica? 
The goal is create an experience wherever we go. When our clients are happy and say they can feel the soul of our products I can say the hard work pays off.

We are bringing out some new exclusive lines this winter including embroidered leather bags, ethnic cushions and boho watches! We are also expanding to the USA this year and working on increasing international sales. I would like more people in Australia to know about the brand and so we are also thinking of opening a retail presence in Adelaide.

Model: Allie Borgelt
Photographer: Tessa Lauren
Stylist: Vitoria Dahara
Location: Sharanpa Alpacas




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