Bing Boy Goes Gluten Free

Bing Boy

You could say bing boy has developed a cult following, after introducing its own brand of Chinese-style wraps (known as “bings”) across Australia.

But the lunch-hour favourite has just rolled out a gluten free range to accommodate for those of us on the hunt for gluten free alternatives… whether it be because of intolerance or lifestyle choice.

Bings are traditionally made with flour and water to create a thin wheat wrap, but the gluten free wrap is made from buckwheat flour, free-range eggs and almond milk. The bing is then sprinkled with spring onions, coriander, sesame seeds and crispy wontons, topped with a free-range egg, and served fresh off the hotplate.

Founder and managing director of bing boy, Ming Liang Ma, says it’s one of the first major food retailers to build gluten free options into its menu.

“Those with intolerances now have the opportunity to enjoy the delicious flavours of our crowd-favourite bings, such as the ‘Ching Ching’ with marinated chicken, avocado, salad, snow-pea sprouts and sweet soy sauce, with a gluten free wrap of course,” she says.

But Bing Boy’s newest offering isn’t just for the gluten-intolerant, it’s also a healthy alternative to the traditional bing.

“The gluten free bing is ideal for the health conscious as it’s highly nutritious, flavoursome, and equally as satisfying as the original bing – you wouldn’t even know it’s gluten free,” says menu consultant Bill Petropoulos.

The urban Asian food chain is serving up both its traditional and gluten free fare at more than ten locations around Adelaide, so tell your friends!

Bing Boy
Bing Boy

Images via Bing Boy




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