Behind The Lens: Haley Renee

Haley Renee Adelaide fashion photographer

Between living in-between Adelaide and the UK, fashion photographer Haley Renee is taking the world by the storm. Working for numerous of magazines, clothing labels, and live music bands, there is nothing Haley can’t do!

Luckily we got to catch up with Haley around her busy schedule, to chat to her about her background, upcoming projects, and when she’ll be back in Rads!

Haley Renee Adelaide fashion photographer

So tell us a little bit about yourself…
I am fashion and commercial photographer living between Adelaide and the UK.

I am currently working in Scotland on some creative projects in-between my commercial clients back in Adelaide.

When I’m not shooting, I am practicing Yoga and lazing around with my cats – I don’t seem to have much time for anything else at the moment which suits me fine, I really enjoy being busy.

I have been working on my fashion photography portfolio for almost seven years now; when in Adelaide I work form my own studio on Pulteney St with some wonderfully creative friends who keep me inspired and focused.

When did you first get into photography?
Professional photography for me started while I was studying veterinary science; I began shooting gigs for small online blogs to help release my creativity and get my head out of the books on the weekend. From there I was booked to shoot a few band promos, one was for a girl band.  I was inspired by the beauty of women and creativity of putting together a campaign, and began the long road into fashion photography while working full time.

That was seven years ago now; fashion photography is now my full time job and it has taken me all over the world and I love every second of it.

Haley Renee Adelaide fashion photographer

What projects have you been up to lately?
This year has been a big year for personal and professional development. I am working on developing my style and pushing my own limits. I am traveling a lot and working along the way with some incredible new people. It’s a lot of fun! I am currently in the UK but heading back to Adelaide soon to defrost.

Don’t hold you’re breath! We are currently all freezing as winter is on its way! Tell us, what is your most memorable shoot?
So many! I love working with my creative team in Adelaide because it is always so fluid and fun, I particularly love shooting hair and beauty editorials but I would have to say the most challenging and most rewarding shoot was for David Jones with Montana Cox.

We only had two hours to shoot five looks, it was 40 degrees and we were shooting at the west end of Adelaide during lunch hour. It was hectic, there was a lot of pressure to get it right but they are some of my favourite images and Montana was incredible to work with.

Haley Renee Adelaide fashion photographerHaley Renee Adelaide fashion photographer

Wow – that’s impressive! What are your thoughts on the Adelaide photography scene?
It’s competitive, but there are lots of wonderful projects to go around if you can prove you are ready to do a lot of hard work to get there. I work 12 hour days more often than not to get all my editing completed and to stay on top of my own creative projects.

After working in the UK, I have to say I love Adelaide even more, its like a little family and everyone, even other photographers, tend to look after each other.

And what’s next for you now?
Head home in the next week or so for a few commercial clients. I tend to live on one-way tickets these days because I never know where I am going to be. However, it looks like I will be in Adelaide for a while this time which is very exciting because it means I can start working on some projects of my own again.

I have been shooting a lot of bridal campaigns lately and have a lot more lined up, the new SCK collection will be released soon and I am excited to be shooting that again this season. Holiday Trading, a Robe based label is also shooting Summer 2016 at the end of June which is great because it means a week on the beach to shoot their massive range – I am excited to see the sun after two months in the UK!

Haley Renee Adelaide fashion photographer
Haley Renee Adelaide fashion photographer

All images provided and photographed by Haley Renee




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