Behind The Lens: Adam Stanley

When talking fashion photography, Adam Stanley is the newest kid on the block.

Working with local designers, models and fashion labels, Adam is making quite the name for himself, along with building a strong portfolio.

Getting ready for his NYC trip later this year, Adam is determined to have a recognised name and portfolio in preparation for shooting at the Fashion Palette New York Fashion Week.

We caught up with the man himself to see how he’s preparing for the trip, and to get to know the man behind the lens.

So tell us a little about yourself Adam…
I’m an aspiring fashion photographer! When I’m not at my day job, shooting or anything else to do with photography, I’m usually walking my husky down the beach or watching re-runs of Friends with my cat.

Aren’t we all? When did you first get into photography?
I bought my first DSLR about four years ago and started playing around, shooting things like landscapes, but I think it was early 2014 when I started to shoot fashion/model portfolios.

Your style of photography wrapped up into 3 words is…
‘Work in progress’.

What projects have you been up to lately?
I’ve been shooting a few workshops for modelling agencies lately, and just working on building a strong portfolio.

Your most memorable shoot is…
Umm do I have to be the photographer? I had my photo with Chewbacca at Disney Land last year; well worth lining up for over an hour!

What are your thoughts on the Adelaide photography scene?
It’s awesome, I didn’t realise how much talent we have here.

And what’s next for you now?
I’m just gonna keep working hard on my portfolio and see where that takes me. I’m also heading to NYC in September, and while I’m there I’m going to be shooting at the Fashion Palette New York Fashion Week, which will be an amazing experience.

Don’t forget to follow Adam’s Insta account @adam_stanley_photos for more fashion photography to come – also to spy his trip to NYC later this year!

All photography by Adam Stanley




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