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With winter just around the corner and a cooler change in the air, we thought we’d seek out some tips to look after our hair. But instead of searching the internet far and wide, why not head straight to the source and speak to the experts themselves and when we have so many of them here in Adelaide. In the first instalment of Behind The Hair, we chat to Ben Gully from MABEhair (who also have the coolest interiors in town) about haircuts of the moment, trends to say goodbye to and the best products of the season.

1. What is everyone asking for in terms of haircuts and/or colours right now?

Everyone is still going cray for lived in “natural” looking hair colour or any pastel sherbert colours. We’ve been noticing people heading towards slightly looser less blunt hair cuts like modern shag cuts think Freja Beha Erichsen and long long hair à la Kim Kardashian is a winner around here

2. Is there a trend or style would you like to see come in (or make a comeback)?

We kind of like where hair is the moment. There isn’t a definite “trend” at the moment and that’s what we like about now. I mean remember how bad it was with everyone walking around with a Posh Spice bob??? That being said though we are partial to a curly fringe. 

3. What is one hair trend that you’re happy to see the end of?

Really over done, over worked colour and really harsh contrast ombré 

4. What are the difficulties that hair faces when winter comes around? And can you give us some tips to prevent or fix it?

Indoor heating is the death of healthy hair. When it gets colder we all turn up the heat on our heaters and this keeps you lovely and warm. But your hair doesn’t like it very much as it dehydrates it.

Our tips and tricks are as follows:

– Keep your hair hydrated! Use a moisturizing treatment at least once every few weeks. A great one is O-Way Moisturizing hair hask which contains bio-dynamic hazel and organic honey for moisture with out a ton of weight. 

– We are so in love with Evo Day of Grace leave-in conditioner all the time but it is especially great during winter. Spray that stuff around like it’s giving you life. It’s the best light weight leave in conditioner spray, filled with proteins, moisture and natural silicones to keep your hair hydrated and healthy. We like it sprayed on dry hair pre thermal styling to help add a moisture layer before you style. 

– The last one is a simple one, if your styling irons have a temperature, TURN IT DOWN! Honestly your hair does not need to be blasted with 215 degree heat everyday! Oh and a semi regular hair trim would go astray either.

5. What is your hair product (or styling tool) of the moment?

Martin: Oribe Wave and Shine spray – because its like the love child of dry shampoo and spray wax. 

Ben: Cloud 9 waving wand – the scariest looking tool but easiest to use for that perfect “blow dried” salon look. 

James: O-Way Silk and Glow hair mask – The name says it all it makes your hair feel like silk and it’s will literally glow with shine

Molly: Evo Lockdown – its smoothing whilst adding weight to tame and “lockdown” that unruly hair. 

Tristen: R&Co High Dive Moisture and Shine Crème – Weightless hydration simple

Jhai: Evo Day of Grace – it’s a great multi-purpose product, curly hair clients love it as it isn’t crunchy and it’s a great base to layer with other products on top. 

Katie: Sugar Bear hair vitamins – if the Kardashians like them they must be good right? But seriously these things work, they contain Biotin, Folic Acid and a ton of Vitamin C. That basically means stronger healthy hair plus they are delicious. 

Shrek: Davroe brilliance shine mist – it’s a light weight, anti-humidifying spray shine that once shaken activates the light refractive particles and leaves the hair glossy and polished. 

All products mentioned are available for purchase in the salon.

MABEhair is located at 100 Glen Osmond Road, Parkside – 8332 0393 | @mabehair




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